History of North Sea Fish Restaurant

The North Sea Fish Restaurant began its life as a small takeaway fish and chip shop with a very few seats. It was eventually purchased by Ian Edward Beauchamp in 1977. Ian Beauchamp was a very capable businessman and he took it from a modest small business to a thriving food outlet in no time at all.

In 1983, Mr Beauchamp further invested in an expansion that changed the face of the business and was the beginnings of what The North Sea Fish Restaurant is today. A liquor license was acquired and the business was completely refurbished with a 60 seat restaurant created. Trade was booming and the 1980’s saw very good times. In 1986, it was further expanded with another 40 seats added and a larger kitchen to cope with the extra demand.

In the summer of 1989, at the tender age of 48, sadly, Ian Beauchamp died suddenly. The North Sea Fish Restaurant remained mainly run by very capable management until, 2 years later, his widow began to take an active interest in the day to day running of the business. As a first rate cook, she had always prepared homemade desserts, starters and soups for the menu, but she began to do more and more and slowly, her sons, who were by now coming of age, began to be increasingly involved.

The North Sea Fish Restaurant Today

Recently, The North Sea Fish Restaurant has been passed down to one of the sons, Ben, and together with his partner Kerrie, they continue to run the family business. The North Sea has become something of an institution as it is very well known all over the country and indeed all over the globe. When London Taxi Drivers are doing ‘The knowledge’, it is one of the landmarks they have to know. This, together with the superbly cooked fresh fish, and the discount offered to London cabbies, is one of the reasons there is always an abundance of black taxis parked outside on any evening of the week.

It is not unusual for American guests to the UK to call from the US to reserve a table before they travel, to ensure that they get to eat here.

Throughout the years since the beginning to today, it has seen many changes but the ethos has remained the same – To serve the best fish and chips around in comfortable surroundings with impeccable service. We like to think we’re doing just that, everyday.